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4th April 2023

PATRÓN Tequila’s Manchester Margarita Month at Crazy Pedro’s

PATRÓN Tequila took over Crazy Pedros for Margarita Month. We tested what was on offer, and whether adding premium tequila makes a difference.
PATRÓN Tequila’s Manchester Margarita Month at Crazy Pedro’s
Photo: Dhara Patel @ The Mancunion

On Tuesday, we went on down to Crazy Pedro’s Pizza Parlour in Northern Quarter to try out some cocktails for PATRÓN’s Margarita Month. Super-premium tequila brand PATRÓN announced a month-long takeover in several Manchester-based venues, including the likes of Arcane, Crazy Pedro’s, Rosso, Yours, and Ducie Street Warehouse.

Photo: Dhara Patel @ The Mancunion

Upon arriving at Crazy Pedro’s, we were greeted by a great selection of music as well as friendly and welcoming staff who showed us to our table and started us off with an iconic PATRÓN Tequila Margarita.

As a big fan of both PATRÓN and margaritas, I was very excited to try a classic margarita made with premium-tasting PATRÓN tequila. To say that the first taste was delicious is an understatement.

Made using PATRÓN Silver, a white spirited tequila, the drink contained a perfect blend of fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, and agave syrup, as well as a lime wedge for garnish. The cocktail was well-balanced and not too overpowering from the tequila, which I normally find to be the case with most margaritas. The drink tasted flavoursome and fresh, a credit to the ingredients used, with a delicate citrusy aftertaste to it.

In the meantime, we ordered a half-and-half pizza, half Summer B and half Giuseppes Not Sloppy, He’s Vegan. The Summer B contained wild mushrooms, spinach, garlic ricotta, truffle oil, and originally white pizza sauce, but this was substituted for the original red pizza sauce. Giuseppes Not Sloppy, He’s Vegan contained hot spiced not beef chilli, green pepper, onion, jalapeño, vegan cheese, and tomato.

The pizza was a perfect example of Crazy Pedro’s ability to make delightful tasting pizzas that they are so well known for, at the same time catering to vegetarian and vegan customers. I particularly enjoyed the Giuseppes Not Sloppy, He’s Vegan which I found to have an enjoyable soft base and a delicate thin crust.

Photo: Dhara Patel @ The Mancunion

Following our pizza we tried our second cocktail of the night, Piña! Piña! Piña! – a pineapple flavoured cocktail consisting of PATRÓN Silver, lime juice, and as the drinks menu said ‘all the pineapple’. The blend of lime juice and pineapple as well as the addition of the PATRÓN tequila was another winning combination with a very smooth aftertaste to the cocktail. Once again, a fresh-tasting combination of both fruit and tequila to get us into the full spirit of Margarita Month.

Overall, trying the PATRÓN tequila cocktails and the pizza at Crazy Pedro’s was a great experience and made for a perfect start to the evening. If you want to try to make a PATRÓN Classic Margarita then check out the PATRÓN tequila website for a full recipe on how to make your very own, as well as a variety of other classic PATRÓN inspired drinks and cocktails. However, I would highly recommend heading on down to Crazy Pedro’s to try their pizzas!

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