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A step by step guide to hosting a successful Christmas dinner with your flat this winter
With so much happening right here at the University of Manchester, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s going on at our fellow universities across the UK. Here’s a run-down so you don’t miss a thing
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University accommodations come with a whole host of stereotypes; to break it down and give you some recommendations for some great books along the way, here’s every book to read depending on your new home
Oversubscription has caused over 100 University of Manchester freshers to take £2500 pay-outs from the University to live in Liverpool as the demand for Halls of Residence exceeds the supply.
Monday’s Fresher’s event was cancelled due to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, angering some students and forcing events to be rescheduled.
Freshers week and moving to university can be a daunting experience even for the most excited fresher so The Mancunion’s On-screen team have got a list of the films and TV shows they turn to for comfort when feeling blue!
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Feeling sloppy after a week of non-stop drinking? Here are our tips to minimise the effects of Freshers’s Week on your skin.
Breaking News: The Manchester Young Conservatives’ flag has reportedly been stolen and graffitied at this afternoon’s Sports and Societies Fair
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Vital sexual health services inaccessible to first-year students due to ‘frustrating’ WiFi ban
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Meet KB: an online way for students to socialise without the need for physical freshers events
University is stressful enough without the news of a positive coronavirus test
Here are 11 online events to help connect you to the University of Manchester, wherever you are
Many freshers have already bought tickets to events which falsely claim to be linked to the University
Freshers events have begun to appear across social media which falsely claim to be linked to UoM and the Students’ Union
A Yolt study has found that students in the city are spending more than the national average, partly due to Manchester’s inexpensive student life