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Ashley McGovern

Ashley McGovern

Review: MAFA Spring Exhibition 2016

The Manchester Academy of Fine Art’s Spring Exhibition presents a promising group of young artists

Review: Tibor Reich

The Whitworth gives only a slight and unimaginative view of postwar textile pioneer Tibor Reich

Review: Inside Out

Castlefield gallery’s latest exhibtion takes us to the eccentric periphery of the art world, says Ashley McGovern

Top 5: Conceptual art

In light of Tate Britain’s upcoming show on British conceptual art, we take a look at some iconic thought-driven pieces

The Factory and The Ghost Ranch

Arts Editor Ashley McGovern explores why we are fascinated by artists’ studios

My Bookshelf

Ashley McGovern writes a piece inspired by Walter Benjamin’s essay ‘Unpacking My Bookshelf’

Review: Model Behaviour

MMU’s Holden Gallery reminds us that when it comes to housing the maquette precedes the market

What’s on this December in art?

Arts Editor Ashley McGovern offers a pick of the best art exhibitions for this winter!

Top 5: Surrealist Sculptures

With Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures now on show at Tate Modern, we take a look at other iconic surrealist pieces

Man in the Browser

Arts Editor Ashley McGovern takes a closer look at media images of hacking

Review: Melanie Manchot’s Twelve

Addicts turn into auteurs at the Castlefield Gallery through Melanie Manchot’s Twelve

Stirling Prize: Substance over Style

This year’s award sidelines swanky style for the art of collaboration

Top 5: Double-sided Paintings

With a double-sided Picasso set to sell for £60 million, we take an eclectic look at paintings that speak to us behind their backs

Review: Bedwyr Williams: The Starry Messenger

This week we take a surreal journey through Williams’ starry nightmare, currently on show at The Whitworth Gallery