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Bianca Boorer

Bianca Boorer

Live: Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis shows the power of both the internet and her soulful voice

Live: The Kooks

The Kooks return with a new upbeat sound, whilst managing to stay true to their roots

Interview: Loveable Rogues

The Loveable Rogues talk about their time on BGT and what they’ve been up to since

Club: Welcome to Gorgon City @ WHP

It’s events like WHP which make you realize there’s no place like Manchester

Live: Rhodes

Rhodes leaves the audience wanting more with his soulful performance at Deaf Institute

Interview: GoodLuck

Bianca Boorer talks to GoodLuck about their rising fame, touring and other bands nicking their name

Interview: Findlay

Bianca Boorer speaks to Natalie Findlay on her inspirations for her genre of music, lyrics, style of singing and music videos.

Interview: Gabby Young and Other Animals

Bianca Boorer talks to Gabby Young about her style of music, clothing and lifestyle

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: Philomena

Our Cornerhouse Pick of the Week is Stephen Frears’ latest cinematic hit

German fashion manufacturers capitalising on the Holocaust

Bianca Boorer reveals the dark past of major German fashion houses.

In conversation with Audrey Niffenegger

Bianca Boorer talks to American writer, artist and academic Audrey Niffenegger

Top 5: Bond girls

Bianca Boorer on Bond’s top five glamour pusses…