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Faye Waterhouse

Faye Waterhouse

Herbal Teas: Love them or hate them?

The herbal tea revolution: a health and taste sensation, or is it no substitute for a proper cuppa?

Raspberry Valentine Muffins

Nothing expresses your feelings better than a big old basket of muffins, so give these lemon and raspberry buns a go.

10 foodie Christmas gifts

Housemates, coursemates, teammates and not to mention family means lots of presents! Why not be savvy and do a secret Santa agreeing an amount to spend put all your names in a hat and pull out the person you buy for- they might not be your favourite person in the world but hey look at […]

Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

Who doesn’t like this classic cake? This fail-safe recipe works for the beginner or the Mary Berry’s among us. The cake should be moist with a sharp tang. Easy to make but even easier to eat! Ingredients   200g butter 200g golden caster sugar 3 eggs 50g plain flour (sieved) 125g ground almonds  2 lemons […]

10 Foods to eat Before a Night Out

These foods provide the perfect stomach lining for excessive amounts of alcohol

Food for Sleep

Fed up of counting sheep? Faye Waterhouse has the food and drink solution.

The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life

Faye Waterhouse sets out to see if the North-east’s equivalent of the Two Fat Ladies still cut the mustard with their new slimline recipes.

Review: Topkapi Palace

Nestled in the middle of Deansgate lies Topkapi Palace, a small Turkish restaurant. Having never been to a Turkish restaurant before I stepped inside not knowing quite what to expect… I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was relaxed despite the 80’s power ballad background music which I found myself occasionally joining in with but this […]