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Joely Thomas

Joely Thomas

We need to talk about North Korea

Is there a danger in not taking the hermit kingdom seriously?

Manchester students part of “largest anti-nuclear demonstration for a generation”

Manchester students travelled to London to join the largest anti-nuclear demonstration in a generation against the renewal of Trident

No place for morality in Cameron’s Britain

The Conservative’s successive undemocratic crackdowns on our freedom to protest are a sign of a government with little effective challenge

My postmodern friend

You’re always there but never quite here. Letters flow through your veins as you breath rhetoric; your heart an amalgam of emojis I sit… waiting… watching… … anticipating the response… My solitude satiated with interaction, I’m no longer sure if I am ever alone. And I wonder… what makes you different from the other skeletons […]

We’re all losers in the terrorist name game

Joely Thomas looks at the many names of IS and asks what effects they have

Top 5: Books the Tories should read

Joely Thomas has some reading recommendations for the Tories and their supporters

Sugar, bacon and the missing link

Joely Thomas asks whether taxing and warning against unhealthy foods is the best way to solve the country’s poor diet

Peacekeeping in Palmyra: The latest symbol of self-interest

Joely Thomas discusses whether UN peacekeeping missions, such as the preservation of Palmyra, are doing all that they can to protect people

Short story: Return to Rafah

Featured prose: Joely Thomas writes a moving short story set in the southern Gaza strip

Rugby and our rulers

Joely Thomas examines if there is more to the exclusivity of rugby and our political elites than we might think

First date with a housemate

Joely Thomas delves into the perils of that most simple task, finding a room to rent