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Lisa Murgatroyd

Lisa Murgatroyd

New: To Kill a King – Cannibals with Cutlery

Lisa Murgatroyd tucks in To Kill a King’s new album

AU Social returns to Students’ Union

“Audio Hijack,” a monthly special at the Union will welcome the AU social

New season yet to bring new hope for Salford

Super League campaign starts with heavy defeat to Wigan Warriors

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Can Disney live up to expectations with Epic Mickey 2?

Interview: Bastille

Bastille talk to The Mancunion about God, lying and Forrest Gump

GO – Let them subsidise their own Universities

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!” screamed Hollywood’s William Wallace. But as it turns out, we did. English rule over our rebellious northern cousins had been well established for centuries, and 300 years ago Great Britain was created with the 1707 Act of Union. Has the time finally come for […]

Religion is not rubbish, politics is

In issue 13 of The Mancunion Joshua Carroll condemned religion as rubbish, I’m going to let you know why his argument is the real rubbish. If you recall, he started off by blaming religion for the lack of bins in public, and as the reason unattended luggage is considered a threat today. His grave mistake […]

Sex attack sentencing needs reform

As reported exclusively in The Mancunion last week, the number of sex attacks is on the rise in student areas of Manchester. What, then, can be said of the number of convictions? Or the sentences these offenders are likely to receive? Earlier this year, new plans for a consultation on sentencing reform came under fire […]

Super League comes to dramatic close

The Grand final was a fascinating spectacle but where next for Rugby League? Lisa Murgatroyd looks back at the season and assesses the challanges that lie ahead for the game.