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Marina Iskander

Marina Iskander

The fallacy behind boycotting businesses

Boycotting products or services for allegedly supporting Donald Trump does very little to help the cause, writes Marina Iskander

Consumerism: always on the rise

From politics to the holiday season, globalisation and consumerism have given celebrity culture too much control over our lives

Think before you pink

Marina Iskander looks at breast cancer awareness campaigns from a different angle and asks if they are the best way to support the cause


Ultimately, the most basic human instinct is to survive, but sometimes we forget that our greatest enemy is ourselves

Religion and faith: Two entirely different ideas

The importance of religion to your culture has a significant effect on whether it becomes a duty or a liberty, and with that knowledge, we can really understand the link between religion and extremism

How to get away with murder

With us humans–us feeble, naïve, easily swayed humans–using the right language can really change everything. The case hasn’t changed much since the beginning of time: using the perfect combination of words is an ancient weapon used by politicians, writers, musicians and world-leaders. In fact, one of the areas where the correct language is especially useful […]

V for Valentine

Last weekend’s day of love is analysed by Marina Iskander, who believes you should spend your the special day of Valentines doing what you love, not who you love

Our not-so-right human rights

Marina Iskander questions the value and consequences of the Human Rights Act

The Most Arrogant of Lies: Voluntourism

Travelling the world in aid of volunteering whilst overlooking the needs of those close to us is a result of first-world boredom and the necessity of moral reassurance

A real-world Dystopia

Dystopian futures are our today, and technology is watching, always watching

To e or not to e, that is the question

E-books are the future and nothing to be scared of

Women Beyond the Western World

Marina Iskander analyses feminism outside of the western world, and how feminism can be plugged into non-Western cultures.

Egypt – a revolution of the heart and the mind

Haughty ideals are only half a revolution, Marina Iskander argues the most permeating revolutions come from the heart

The Instagram Effect

Marina Iskander discusses the unobtainably high standards that we set ourselves on social media.