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Sophie James

Sophie James

For the love of film

The Greater Manchester Film Festival delivers a day to celebrate Manchester as the City of Cinema

Hitchcock biopic set to leave us “Spellbound”

With the movie poster and release date unveiled last week, Sophie James anticipates the success of Sacha Gervasi’s “Hitchcock”

ODEON Cinema Listings 1st – 7th October

Your guide to what’s on at Manchester ODEON this week.

Nothing left untouched

Sophie James explores how films are going further to include and inspire everyone.


Sophie James takes a look at a new German release.

Odeon cinema listings 1st – 8th October

Find out what’s on the big screen this week.

I Hate: Angry Actors

Tom Hanks has been busy giving actors a bad name.

Cinema Listings 17th – 23rd September

This week’s cinema listings, 17th-23rd September

London 2012 – Not just a question of sport

Sophie James think the Olympics had plenty to offer for the film world.

London 2012- Not Just a Question of Sport

The olympics celebration of British cinema.