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Sophie Lipton

Sophie Lipton

Should you be doing a vocational degree?

A recent survey suggests that more and more graduates wish they’d taken a more vocational course at university. Sophie Lipton weighs up the pros and cons

Idiotic Internet Trend of the Week: NekNomination

The latest internet super-craze “NekNomination” has swept the globe. Give it a rest, says Sophie Lipton

The ‘Jew’niversity experience

Sophie Lipton on how her religion affects her student lifestyle

The best thing and the worst thing I’ve ever seen on stage

Sophie Lipton gives us the best and the worst of her theatre experiences

Johnny Don’t Come At All

Sophie Lipton reviews Coal’s ‘Johnny Come Lately’ at the Royal Exchange Studio Theatre

And the girls in their successful dresses

Sophie Lipton reviews ‘And the girls in their Sunday dresses’ at the Contact Theatre

Filled with Grey

Sophie Lipton reviews the new play at The Contact Theatre, Fields of Grey.