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Live: Acid Mothers Temple

Kawabata Makoto and co’s daring, unorthodox Japanoise is all the more bewitching in a partly improvised live performance

Interview: The View

Tom Learmouth spoke to bassist Kieren Webster of the View about the band’s new sound before their gig at the Gorilla

Live: Hawktoberfest 2015

Long ago, Hawkwind built a bridge between hippies and punks. Hawktoberfest is a glorious celebration of their legacy

Album: The Fall – Sub-Lingual Tablet

Sub-Lingual Tablet is a statement that stands on its own

Live: The Nightingales

“We tend to see ourselves as better than most other bands” claim the Nightingales, while Tom Learmouth sees just how truthful they really are…

Bedlam: LIBOR faints as Quantitative Easing needle becomes contaminated with Ebola

The Historian Magazine will this week be releasing a special issue called ‘Lessons from History: The Delhi Belly Interest Rates of 1858’

Komodo dragon beaten to death with selfie stick in Manchester bar brawl

No Komodo dragons were harmed in the writing of this story