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It’s been twenty years since he starred in his own programme and Alan Partridge is finally back the BBC in new six-part series This Time with Alan Partridge.

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Review: Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit is a revenge thriller that proves nothing more than a particularly dull entry in a string of bad genre flicks


Review: Happy Death Day 2 U

A February dumping ground horror sequel that seems to meander in uniqueness only to lose its way and not really know what to do next

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Oscars 2019 Predictions

Tom Chambers looks back on films in 2018 ahead of The Oscars to assess the likely winners of this year.

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Interview: Toby MacDonald

Maddy Peden talks toxic masculinity, Timothee Chalamet and the positive shift that’s happening within our current canon with Toby MacDonald

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Review: Boy Erased

“Often films try to pretend they are going to change the world — this one just might”

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Review: A Private War

A Private War explores Marie Colvin’s career and personal life, with her words “I see it so you don’t have to” ringing in the audience’s ear.

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The Terrordome is here

Welcome II the Terrordome bridges links between past and future, a future that has become our present and for this it is more relevant than ever.

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