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Review: ‘The Year I Didn’t Eat’ by Samuel Pollen

Review: ‘The Year I Didn’t Eat’ by Samuel Pollen

Yusuf Steel reviews Samuel Pollen’s debut novel, a tentative and honest story about one boy’s internal struggle

Training is key to combatting mental health stigma

Sanjana Gupta discusses ways to improve care for those with mental health issues

Has fashion gone too far?

After repeated faux pas by fashion retailers regarding the perceived glamourisation of serious mental illnesses, Kassi Allcock asks why this keeps happening

Feature: Musical Body Image – What’s the Problem?

Elizabeth Rushton discusses the changing face of female body image in pop music

Profile: The Model Alliance

Gráinne Morrison on the the fight for better working conditions in the modelling industry

Insta-eating disorder?

Fashion editor Susie Coen discusses the dangers of our favourite picture app