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February Events

Don’t miss out on all the literary events going on in Manchester this month

Contact theatre in architecture collaboration project

Andrew Georgeson speaks to 2nd year architecture student James Taylor-Foster about the Contact’s new architecture collaboration

Review: The Adventures of Sky the Reluctant Hero

Bianca Francesca takes her first trip to the theatre to review Digging Deep at the Contact

The best thing/worst thing I’ve ever seen on stage

Hannah Lawrence gives us the best and worst of her theatre experiences

Must See: 25th February – 4th March

What’s on this week in local theatre

Game Over

Andrew Georgeson and Rachel Hastings-Caplan offer two different perspectives on the Contact Theatre’s production of ‘Game Over’.

Theatre: Right Side Up

Jessie Cohen

The Confused Storm

Vicky Carter reviews Forced Entertainment’s The Coming Storm at the Contact Theatre

We are not even citizens. We are a native ‘problem’

Jessie Cohen reviews ‘Mother to Mother’ at the Contact Theatre

And the girls in their successful dresses

Sophie Lipton reviews ‘And the girls in their Sunday dresses’ at the Contact Theatre

Must see this week in Theatre: 22nd October-29th October

Josephine Lane previews theatre in Manchester for the week ahead.

Filled with Grey

Sophie Lipton reviews the new play at The Contact Theatre, Fields of Grey.

No Monkey Business

Review: One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show at the Contact Theatre

Mercurial Muppets

Three different perspectives on the Contact Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet.

Brutal but honest

Review: Crystal Kisses at Contact Theatre