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Debt crisis on the horizon for UK higher education

Debt crisis on the horizon for UK higher education

With a total debt estimated at close to £1 Trillion, the U.K. Higher Edication sector could be in turmoil, especially with the threat of Brexit.

The TEF: a Trojan Horse into Higher Education

Manchester Students’ Union’s Education Officer argues that the Teaching Excellence Framework threatens to inject further elitism into Higher Education

Universities to charge fees over £9,500

Despite the fee cap promise of £9,000 in 2012, universities are set to increase their fees to above £9,500 due to a new government framework

Spending review: What does it mean for students?

Wednesday’s spending review heralds massive cuts for student nurses and higher education more broadly

Tuition fees ‘biggest contributing factor to inflation’

Savings from fee increases “mostly taken up” by extra annual spending created by inflation

NUS President fears repeat of 2010 violence

– Liam Burns concerned that violence may hamper #Demo2012 – Millbank protest left ‘a cloud over the organisation’

Universities ‘still advertising vacancies’ days before term starts

‘Prestigious’ universities still advertising places for over 13,500 courses

US universities increase efforts to recruit UK students

UK fee increases are tempting more students into studying at US universities

“Poorer students are not discouraged by higher fees,” says Ucas

Ucas report that rising university fees have not had a disproportionate effect on the applications of more disadvantaged groups

The Browne Review: Where Next for the Student Movement?

Jess Bradley discusses the implications of the Browne review for the student movement