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Review: We Won’t Fall

Review: We Won’t Fall

Alexia Pieretti reviews We Won’t Fall at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation
Fresh guidelines on free speech at Universities published

Fresh guidelines on free speech at Universities published

Amid fears over self-censorship by students, guidelines have been published about how free speech should be encouraged by universities.

Our freedom is in peril at the hands of online saboteurs

Censorship of more right-wing views on online platforms must be confronted if we are to properly engage in debate

Is the Student Union right to ban the Daily Star?

Has the SU gone too far? And if so, how can we tackle the objectification of women in such publications?

Lunch with The Mancunion: David Aaronovitch

William Brown talks to University of Manchester alumnus and The Times columnist David Aaronovitch on politics, the student body and freedom of speech

Warwick SU backs down on decision to block speech by secular activist

Under strong public pressure, Warwick University has reversed its controversial decision to block speaker

Should we increase regulation of the press?

Thomas McEvilly and Lauren Wills debate the issue of press regulation, weighing up the need for freedom of expression, a transparent media, and ethical journalism