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Review: Bombay Superstar

Review: Bombay Superstar

Bombay Superstar, a cheesy, feminist, brand-new Bollywood musical, is enticing audiences at The Lowry
The Lowry transports us from Salford to Bombay

The Lowry transports us from Salford to Bombay

Bombay Superstar, the 50th show from Phizzical and a brand-new musical based on classic Bollywood films, is coming to The Lowry
The Lowry invites you to stay the night (in Jaipur)

The Lowry invites you to stay the night (in Jaipur)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a new stage adaptation of These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach OBE FRSL, is heading to The Lowry
Review: Life of Pi

Review: Life of Pi

Theatre Editor Jay Darcy reviews Life of Pi at Wyndham’s Theatre, starring Mina Anwar, Raj Ghatak and Habib Nasib Nader
Review: Rice

Review: Rice

Head of Culture Michal Wasilewski reviews Rice at HOME
A brief history of the Curry Mile

A brief history of the Curry Mile

Helena Young provides a brief history of Manchester’s famous Curry Mile, and looks forward to its ever expanding, versatile future

Review: Scene Dining

A fantastic street food experience at a reasonable price

Review: Indique

Miriam’s back on Burton Road to find our whether Indique deserves is high spot on TripAdvisor’s ‘best restaurants in Manchester’ list

Harissa and Turmeric Dal

This dal is vegetarian, vegan, simple, cheap and packed full of flavour. What more could you want?

Review: Bundobust

This new Indian street food and craft beer bar transforms even popcorn into something worth writing about

Jaipur Palace

Sophie Wyburd explores a vegetarian hotspot in Fallowfield

Café Marhaba

Gina and Kate, two hungry and impoverished students, find their way through a tiny doorway to sample some famous curry delights

Adventures on Curry Mile – Long Dudi Recipe

Food shopping on the curry mile can feel a bit like you’ve been transported back to your gap year; rows of mysterious fruits and vegetables stacked up on the street, a bollywood soundtrack and questionable food-hygiene standards, or at least it does until the famous Manchester drizzle starts to dampen the dragon fruit. It’s easy […]

Courgette falafel

Eve Commander shares a favourite vegetarian recipe
Kukoos is a new and delicious alternative to Oxford Road’s usual suspects, with everything on the menu at £5 or less

Dosa Xpress

Something humble about the slightly bland vegetable-prone dosa makes it very comforting

£1m restaurant to open on curry mile

Former MMU student Jaf Siddiqi hopes the restaurant will bring new clients to the area

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