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New legal advice tells prosecutors sexting is not consent

New legal advice tells prosecutors sexting is not consent

Updated advice from the Crown Prosecution Service aims dispels 40 rape myths, including ones that have arisen due to increased sexual encounters online
Consent: why do we still not get it?

Consent: why do we still not get it?

The UK may acknowledge that sex without consent is rape in ours laws, but many still believe the damaging myths about rape and sexual assault, argues Kate Jackson
Review: Spring Awakening The Musical

Review: Spring Awakening The Musical

Alexi Pieretti reviews UMMTS’ last musical of the year, Spring Awakening; a show which brings hope for societal change whilst condemning censorship and adults who stifle the minds of the young, as well as the criminalisation of abortion
Learning from Warwick: How does UoM deal with sexual assault?

Learning from Warwick: How does UoM deal with sexual assault?

The University of Warwick faced a barrage of criticism after it emerged two students who were banned for 10 years for their involvement in a group chat that threatened rape could return early – later this year. Following the backlash there was a rapid U-turn and the university confirmed the pair will not be returning […]

Film and media continue to let down survivors of sexual assault

A girl walks down an alleyway at night, the silhouette of a man appears behind her. A woman walks through an empty car park, the camera shoots from behind a nearby car, she fiddles for her keys. We all know what happens next

University Challenge contestant accused of raping girl to ‘help her get over her ex’

Joly de Lotbiniere, a previous University Challenge contestant, is on trial for rape of another student

Review: The Innocents

The Innocents explores the harrowing effects of rape on a group of Polish nuns after World War Two

49% of female students are victims of sexual assault

A recent study has revealed that almost half of female students claim to be victims of sexual assault

Did they really “have it coming”?

Victim blaming still remains as a lazy attempt to simplify the actions of criminals

Four male students stand trial accused of rape at university ball

Trial begins for four students at the prestigious Royal Agricultural College who are accused of several counts of rape and sexual assault against the same woman at a university ball in 2014

Three sexual attacks in city centre believed to be by the same culprit

Manchester’s police are warning women around Manchester to be extra vigilant at night

Over 3,500 students Reclaim the Night

“Reclaim the Night is so much more than just one night and one street. It’s about a movement of people who can build unity to stand together, to break the silence and to say enough is enough”

Reclaim the Night is back

Reclaim the Night 2016 will protest against sexual violence in Manchester and is calling for everyone to come along and get involved

Police still looking for key witness in Fallowfield rape

Greater Manchester Police appeal to the student community to help in the search for the key witness in the Fallowfield rape case

Student raped in Fallowfield

Last month a student coming home from a night out was raped in Fallowfield, police are appealing for a witness to come forward.

Oxford activist resigns posts, admitting non-consensual sex

Annie Teriba, a well known activist, has resigned all of her political positions after learning a physical partner did not consent to sex

Reclaim the Night 2015

Reclaim the Night 2015 proved a huge success, with a record number of over 2000 protesters attending

27-year-old arrested on suspicion of Fallowfield rape

A man is being held in custody in connection with the rape of a 22-year-old student on Ladybarn Lane on the 5th of December

GMP investigating another rape in Fallowfield

A 22-year-old was raped as she walked home from a friend’s house around 11:30pm on Friday the 5th of December

‘Keep your assets out of sight’ poster causes controversy

A Greater Manchester Police anti-theft poster on campus since 2007 has caused controversy due to complaints that it perpetuates ‘victim-blaming’ attitudes