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Demystifying today’s politics: Must-read books

Demystifying today’s politics: Must-read books

What you should be reading to keep informed on today’s political sphere
Review: Message in a Bottle

Review: Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle masterfully uses the rich music of Sting and The Police to tell a heart-wrenching but uplifting story about the international refugee crisis
Review: The Beekeeper of Aleppo

Review: The Beekeeper of Aleppo

The Beekeeper of Aleppo is a beautiful but disappointing adaptation of Christy Lefteri’s novel
Preview: Manchester Jewish Museum’s Festival of Belonging

Preview: Manchester Jewish Museum’s Festival of Belonging

Manchester Jewish Museum’s Festival of Belonging runs for a week in March at various venues across Manchester
Review: Pizza Shop Heroes

Review: Pizza Shop Heroes

Claudia Langley reviews Pizza Shop Heroes at HOME as part of Orbit Festival
Alice Kettle: Thread Bearing Witness

Alice Kettle: Thread Bearing Witness

Louis Haddad meets with Alice Kettle, the artist behind an ongoing project aimed at both highlighting the plight of refugees, whilst empowering them

A student life: The Wild Washerwomen

Emma Shanks speaks to Zoe Darling, co-founder of The Wild Washerwomen, a mobile launderette set up in the Calais ‘Jungle’

Rethinking pathos in the Calais Camp

Without reconsidering our entire approach to the refugee crisis, can we really alleviate the issues faced by those fleeing war and unrest?

Student Action for Refugees

Yasmin Mannan gives an insight into the ways you can stand up for and help refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester and beyond

Live: Massive Attack

Massive Attack hit the musical standard they’ve set for themselves, but leave the crowd uneasy with their heavy-handed activism

Ph.D. student committed to supporting refugees graduates

Aala El-Khani has been working on her psychology Ph.D. for four years, a project that has helped thousands gain valuable parenting guidance

Why Germany can’t solve the refugee crisis alone

Chancellor Merkel’s response to the refugee crisis has been admirable, but Joel Kelly argues that we can’t expect Germany to take all the responsibility

Censorship is the enemy of change

With a spate of high-profile attempts to censor media outlets, Ed John critically assesses our issue with the graphic truth

Stockport refugee project overwhelmed with volunteers

The local impact of the refugee crisis is uncertain when you consider this student-led volunteering project

Refugees United: Football shows support for refugees

Harry Newton looks at the help given to refugees by many European football clubs in the absence of political action

Ignorance isn’t bliss

In the light of the biggest refugee crisis since WWII, Merle Streck discusses how the EU and Britain have proven themselves to be powerless and perhaps, heartless

Warsan Shire: provoking empathy

Book Editor Yasmin Mannan investigates how the Young London Poet Laureate, Warsan Shire, has been exposing the suffering of refugees through the written word for years

Refugee crisis in Manchester

Reports show Manchester is doing the most to resettle refugees. However many students and public officials are demanding more is done to help those in need

“My sons were killed in front of me.” The faces of the Calais refugees

Our reporter spoke with refugees at the Calais camp to get their side of the story

What I saw in the Calais migrant camp

Student reporter Daniel Saville travelled to Calais to see what refugees were going through first-hand. There, he witnessed a protest against the poor treatment they are subjected to by authorities