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Recipe: Salmon with soy sauce, ginger and fennel seed

Alex Ross explains how you too can whip up this simple, easy-to-make, tasty dish for two

Super quick and healthy salmon supper

Aan easy guide to making a tasty and nutritious weeknight meal

Mix and Match Stir Fry

Buying a stir fry deal from a supermarket always leaves me pushing mystery veg around my plate and wishing for more chicken or noodles. The simple way to get around this is by making your own. It seems really complicated but actually, it couldn’t be easier, just choose from this mix and match list and follow the cooking instructions.

Entertaining on a budget: French dinner party

Catering en masse isn’t as expensive as you’d think

Come Have Dinner With Me Final – Ollie

Naked waiters and succulent lamb complete the final of the first cycle