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Me, my selfie and I: selfie dysmorphia

Me, my selfie and I: selfie dysmorphia

Writer Lottie Norton questions if social media and apps are unintentionally encouraging people to undergo cosmetic surgery due to Selfie Dysmorphia

Nude feud: Kim Kardashian divides the internet… again

Hannah McGrory gives her opinion on THAT selfie

This week in global

Every week we take a look at news from around the world. Here is this week’s roundup

Frida Kahlo and the rebel commodity

Does consumer capitalism and modern feminism appropriate its icons wrongly? Madeleine Jones casts a critical eye over the use of Frida Kahlo merely as a fashionable image

Oversharing and Generation Facebook

With uploading every aspect of our lives onto the internet becoming more normalized, Cecilia Bicknell paints a dystopian view of our oversharing habits.