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UoM staff expenses plummet during pandemic

UoM staff expenses plummet during pandemic

Restaurant and bar spending via University of Manchester staff purchasing cards totalled just £150 in December 2020, compared to £22,000 in December 2019.
Gender pay gap among Uber drivers

Gender pay gap among Uber drivers

Drivers’ experience on the platform, preferences of where and when to work, and driving speed account for difference in pay

Stranger Danger: Uber ban should make us reconsider our technology habits

Safety should come before low cab prices

The fallacy behind boycotting businesses

Boycotting products or services for allegedly supporting Donald Trump does very little to help the cause, writes Marina Iskander

Is the sharing economy forcing us to share to survive?

Jessica Chow-Lau wades into the evils of the increasingly popular sharing economy

Uber, Uber über alles

In its rapid rise to dominance in our private, bookable transport industry, Uber has made itself some powerful enemies

Manchester travel deals

Manchester’s travel network is great—but it can be expensive. Here’s some advice on keeping your travel costs down when you start your university journey