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Araddhna Patel

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19-year-old sexually assaulted in Fallowfield

Police are appealing for information after a woman was sexually assaulted in Fallowfield in the early hours of Sunday morning

Victims of sexual assault must provide proof of their extenuating circumstances [Photo: track42 on Flickr]

Only four UK universities see sexual assault as ‘mitigating circumstances’

The majority of universities in the UK do not explicitly state that being the victim of a sexual assault is an extenuating circumstance for exams

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Student found unconscious in Richmond Park halls dies

A 22-year-old student has passed away in Richmond Park university halls in Fallowfield. Police are not treating the death as suspicious

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‘Hover train’ cuts Manchester to Liverpool journey to seven minutes

New North-West transport plans include ‘MagLev’ or ‘hover trains’ that can cut Manchester to Liverpool train times from an hour to just seven minutes

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Let’s talk about Emma Watson and the Vanity Fair controversy

We discuss the controversy that’s surrounded Emma Watson and THAT photo shoot… and how what you wear doesn’t determine or negate your feminism

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University of Manchester to offer master’s bursaries

General Secretary Naa Acquah has secured one hundred postgraduate bursaries for students set to begin courses at the university from September 2017

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Cambridge University college under fire for “cultural misrepresentation” of food items

Pembroke College, the University of Cambridge, has reportedly been criticised after receiving complaints from students about its menu

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Two men in custody after man shot outside Moss Side takeaway

A man, rumoured to be involved with the notorious Doddington Gang, was shot in the thigh outside a Moss Side takeaway

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US universities to sue Donald Trump over travel ban

Several US universities are supporting a lawsuit which aims to sue President Donald Trump

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University Challenge contestant accused of raping girl to ‘help her get over her ex’

Joly de Lotbiniere, a previous University Challenge contestant, is on trial for rape of another student

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Elrow uses ‘disrespectful’ picture of Hindu god in promotional poster

There has been outrage in reaction to Elrow’s use of a Hindu God in their promotional material, prompting many to accuse them of ‘appalling’ cultural appropriation

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Pro-life students banned from forming group at Strathclyde University

Anti-abortion students at the University of Strathclyde feel their free speech has been violated by the Students’ Association’s decision not to fund their ‘anti-choice group’