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New powers are part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill  Photo: Peter Chinnock

Hosts to be punishable for partygoers’ actions

New legislation will also give councils power to temporarily evict repeatedly anti-social tenants, and ability to recover costs from unhelpful landlords

Halls across campus identified as containing deteriorated asbestos, including Allen Hall  Photo: University of Manchester

Students not told about asbestos in halls of residence

Freedom of information request reveals a number of residences contain deteriorated asbestos

Intruder, mistaken for housemate, appeared to be under the influence of drugs. He escaped out of a bathroom window, evading police  Photo: Jamie Henderson @Flickr

Burglar in the bedroom

Girl returns home to find her front door open and a thief trapped in her bedroom

Four years after leaving Owens Park, the BOP is to become a regular Friday feature at 256  photo: 'The BOP Returns' Facebook page

BOP returns to Fallowfield

Controversial night moves to 256

Police are looking for a white male in his late 20s/late 30s.

Fallowfield female jogger warning

Police appeal for information on a series sexual harrasment cases in Fallowfield

Photo: brina_head @Flickr

50 Shades of Fallowfield

50 Shades of Grey with a student twist

Students planting apple trees around halls of residence. Photo: University of Manchester

Trees planted in first campus orchard

The University of Manchester has planted its first orchard on campus. Forty students have helped to plant over eighty fruit trees around halls of residence…

The World Mission Society Church of God's headquarters in South Korea. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Shower baptisms, Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ: the Korean church recruiting Manchester students

Andrew Williams investigates the World Mission Society Church of God, a mysterious Korean church hoping to convert you on your doorstep

Students move into Weston Hall. Photo: Nick Bojdo

Manchester’s ‘outrageous’ inflation-busting accommodation costs

– Some halls see rent jump by 20% since 2009
– Lib Dem MP calls halls costs ‘outrageous’
– Dame Nancy admits she’d ‘have a hard time justifying’ increases

294 counterfeit DVDs and 14 pieces of counterfeit jewellery were found on the premises. Photo: Amy Hallett

Gaff’s goes dry: Fallowfield landmark loses licence

Off-licence caught with fake DVDs and jewellery on premises

Residents and pool-goers held a flashmod outside the baths on 27th January. Photo: Joe
Sandler Clarke

Manchester’s Olympic legacy of sports facility closures

Plans to close Withington Baths and other local facilities have been met with strong opposition from the local community

Mobile phone theft attempted at mid-day near Alan Gilbert Learning Commons Photo: Hannah Reiss

Student 101: the rise of mobile phone theft

Emma Williams discusses the recent increase in stolen smartphones – and offers tips on how to avoid being part of the ‘brick’ club…