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Image: UoM BDS Campaign

Student campaigners demand divestment

One protester said she was glad that prospective students touring the University got to see that students are politically aware and holding the University to account

Fossil Free and BDS protestors outside Social Responsibility awards in 2017. Photo: Tristan Parsons.

Fossil Free and BDS protest Making a Difference Awards

Students from the Fossil Free and BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions) campaigns protested the University of Manchester’s Social Responsibility Awards held on the 11th of May

Photo: eutrophication&hypoxia@Flickr

University of Sheffield withdraws fossil fuel investment

The University of Sheffield has pledged to withdraw investments in fossil fuels, after mounting pressure from protest groups

Photo: paul_lowry @Flickr

Investigation shows Manchester receives enormous funding from fossil fuel giants

According to an investigation by Greenpeace, the University of Manchester has taken £27.7 million in funds from large fossil fuel companies including BP and Shell

Intimidating mascot 'Gasasaurus' alongside protestors. Photo: The Mancunion

Fossil Free protest ahead of crunch university decision

Campaigners will urge the university’s Board of Governors to choose to divest from the fossil fuel industry in a report revealed at a meeting later this week

The 2009 Deepwater Horizon disaster. Photo: ideum @Flickr

A history of fossil fuel investment at the University of Manchester

Mr Frack Head , the mascot for environmental lobbyists outside of Westminster. Photo: The Daily Bull @ Flickr.

Are universities fuelling fracking?

The University of Manchester has received grants for fracking research totalling £657000. Following a leaked letter revealing government intentions to use academics to sway public opinion, The Mancunion has found evidence to suggest such grants are now being awarded to universities situated in contested fracking areas

The Deepwater Horizon crisis that occured in 2010, which cost the university £2.28 million. Photo: ideum @Flickr

University of Manchester invests almost £40 million in fossil fuels

Research by the Manchester Fossil Free Campaign has found that the university’s shares in oil companies total £9.5 million. A further £29.5 million is invested in fossil fuels through pension funds

Friends of the Earth in 2012 lobbying a Labour party conference after the issue of fracking was considered. Photo: Manchester Friends of the Earth @Flickr

Manchester fracking plans delayed, environmental assesment deemed inadequate

Lobby group Friends of the Earth have successfully delayed Trafford Council’s plans to permit fracking as the group raised concerns that the council’s assessment had not considered environmental and health consequences