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jaws pic

Interview: JAWS

Brummy Connor Schofield of JAWS exhibits his views on the music industry, the importance of mental health and plans for the band’s future

Photo: Press shot

Live: Jaws

Connor Schofield’s sunny indie pop deserved to make the transition from his bedroom to the stage

Photo: Press shot

Interview: Jaws

The Mancunion chats to frontman Connor Schofield about Jaws’ debut album ahead of their UK tour

Taxi Driver (1976)

Top 5: 70’s Soundtracks

Ant Cornish gives us his top 5 sounds of the seventies

Hannibal Lecter

Top 5: Movie monsters

Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs) – Okay I know! He’s only human but definitely deserves a special mention. In my opinion there is nothing more terrifying than a psychopath criminal who wants to eat you, but somehow looks like the sort of guy your desperately lonely mother would bring home as your ‘new father’. Talk about awkward atmosphere at the dinner table. ‘More liver anyone?’