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Graze vs EarlyBird

With subscription snackboxes becoming an ever-more lucrative industry, Elizabeth Gibson checks out two major players.

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Safe and senseless: Why university safe space policies trigger me

Ryan Khurana, the organiser of Milo Yiannapoulos’ upcoming talk, gives his view on why safe space policies have no place in universities

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Just another indie banned name

Pressure on Viet Cong to change their name has been successful. Less successful has been attempts to debate censorship in art, says Jacob Bernard-Banton


Why do you wear makeup?

“I would be lying if I said that makeup doesn’t contribute to my self-confidence. It is concealer and not coffee that helps me arrive at a 9 o’clock lecture looking and feeling more awake”

The recent Protein World advert which caused national backlash. Photo: steven kirby @Pinterest

Creatures of all shapes and sizes

Sadie Hill combats the media’s representation of size and promotes the importance of body positivity - A Viewing Gallery in Kuala Lumpur

Why we should restrict offensive speculative journalism

Lauren Wills discusses the media’s role in the aftermath of important world events, and whether they have the right to report things that they simply don’t know

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Opinion: “Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be…”

Henry Scanlan couldn’t remember the greatest article in the world; this is just a tribute

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‘Jihadi John’ and The pull factors of terrorism and the push factors of Western society

How much is the West to blame for the radicalisation of its citizens? Lauren Wills considers this alongside the obvious pull of Islamic extremism in the fight against IS

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Opinion: Baroque-ing All Over The World?

Stephen Miller looks at why challenging the tonal status quo is just what we need

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Opinion: Under the Radar – Blur, Bowie and Anti-Publicity

Cordelia Milward discusses the music industry’s growing trend for surprise releases and shock returns

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Why Russell Brand has been good for British politics

Lauren Wills explores the effect that the outspoken comedian and political commentator Russell Brand has had on the UK political sphere

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Smoke ’em Out?

Is a ban on smoking in public even possible? Bristol seems to think so