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Review: A Fantastic Woman

Sebastian Lelio’s Oscar-winning drama is captivating and poignant, writes Gina Agnew

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Review: God’s Own Country

A staggeringly poetic debut feature film by director Francis Lee, speaks volumes of the intertwining nature of ferocity, kindness, and love

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Review: Passengers

Passengers attempts to reach for the stars with its sinister plot but ends up getting lost in space instead

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Review: La La Land

La La Land is an homage to jazz which neglects to ultimately pay any viable homage to jazz

Photo: Freddie Hill

The Japan Review

”It was yakitori, a long open flame grill, the soaring fire reflected in the beads of sweat that adorned the grillmans forehead like a crown. Fred said he looked like Charles Bronson”

Photo: BBC

TV Binge: My Jihad

My Jihad shys away from stereotypes and subverts tired clichés about Islam, providing a more authentic and positive picture of everyday Muslims

The happy couple. Photo: The Mancunion

Blind Date: Emma and Llyr

Will Emma fall for Llyr’s Welsh charm? Will Llyr be captivated by Emma’s language skills? Find out how their date at Fallow Café went!

The Myth... 
Photo: Thomashawk @Flickr

French Men: Dispelling the Myth

Think every French Man is a baguette toting connoisseur of amour? Think again, says Molly Allen.

Photo: Josepha Griffin-Parry

Blind Date: Chantei and Scott

Will Chantei’s international allure woo Scott off his feet, or will the age gap make things awkward? Read on to find out!

Lily and Jeremy on their date at Fallow Cafe. Photo: Peter Chinnock

Take Me Out: the date

UoM’s RAG Society recently staged another successful Take Me Out in aid of charity. Third year History of Art student Lily kept her light on for fellow historian Jeremy – but was their date at Fallow one for the history books?

Photo: Ben Babcock (Flickr)

Tell me what’s your flavour

Romance is a risky business. Let’s stop seeking gratification in sex, says Rowena Cox-Willmott, and give some love to snacks instead

Texting is a poor substitute for face-to-face interaction. Photo: Jhaymesisviphotography @ Flickr

Why I hate texting

Texting is many people’s preferred form of communication. But, says Emmanuel Demuren, it adds nothing to romance.