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Striking the right balance

Sometimes it feels like balancing your life at uni with work is impossible and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all… we’re here to help

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Festive season shopping got you frazzled?

If Christmas shopping fills you with dread and you’re left wanting to curl up under a blanket at the mere thought of braving the Arndale in December, we have the ultimate guide to avoiding shopping list related stress this year

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Stress: let’s talk about it

Struggling with stress? Don’t worry, Qiarna Bondswell is here with some top tips to help you tackle your stress head-on, and enjoy university life at the same time

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In this article, I am going to talk about…

Already feeling stressed over essays and exams? Never fear, Cachella Smith is here to give some tips on how to write that perfect essay, and how to keep your stress levels down in the meantime

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Reading at university: Why it is a good idea

Always feel like you have got no free time, especially when it comes to sitting down with a good book?

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(Healthy) Mind over matter: How stress can affect your diet

We discuss the effect of stress on the body, and how negative thinking can affect your healthy lifestyle

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University of Westminster denies student exam deferral due to lack of “proof” of father’s death

After the University of Westminster rejected Saima Haq’s request for mitigating circumstances after the death of her father, The Mancunion looks into similar cases at the University of Manchester


Two-thirds of female academics are unhappy with work-life balance

A report has shown that ‘workaholic’ working environments in academia are detrimental to the career paths of female academics

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Diary of a procrastinator

Eva’s productive diary: Because there’s clearly so many more important things to do than my essay

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Increasing number of stressed students

As pressure on students increases, the number of people seeking counselling for serious issues is rising

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University isn’t the problem

David Brierley argues that the blame for the ever-present problems of stress and depression cannot be so easily laid on the apparent ‘University Lifestyle’

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Survey reveals Manchester students’ biggest fears

Endsleigh Student Survey reveals that 89 per cent of University of Manchester students worry most about achieving academic success at University.