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Spring Forward: SS13

Sex in the Sixties

The 1960s has to be my absolute favourite style decade: unrivalled for ease and effortlessness, it gave the world Bardot and taught us how to wear black. So, I’m delighted that the SS13 catwalks had a sexy ‘60s spring in their step. Bouffants are back, but in an understated wearable way that’s not going to leave people thinking you’ve grown a second head. As are feline flicks of jet black eyeliner and monochrome madness.

It’s also bringing back the long left-out polo-neck. Yes, they were done to death in the early noughties, (just watch Love Actually if you don’t believe me, the film is pretty much a roll-neck revolution: there’s one in every scene) but the ‘60s inspired polo-neck is something different all together. Snug around the neck, and almost everywhere else, they’re sexy (yes I’m still talking about polo-necks) especially when worn with arguably the chicest item of the season: the black leather mini, tell me I’m wrong?

Moving downstairs, trousers are cropped, tight and straight which means we can all stay snugly zipped into our skinnies guilt free for a few more months! If in need of style inspiration look no further than Alexa Chung, a true ‘60s siren for our times. Here she is at J.W. Anderson’s LFW show rocking a grown-up 1960s look and somehow simultaneously managing to triumph with one of spring’s trickiest trends, All White, without looking washed out. Just look at that artful contrast of textures: this is why we love her.


Photo: Tumblr @carissimacara

Photo: Tumblr @carissimacara

Bikers vs. Bombers

The presence of the bomber jacket on the SS13 catwalks was a controlled explosion: skillfully detonated with just a dash of danger. They were indeed everywhere and in myriad form, whether picking up the leather trend in matte black or temptingly embellished with spring’s inevitable florals woken up with an unexpected 3D twist. There was some competition however from its more streamlined cousin: the biker jacket, which reinvented itself in unusual fabrics and colours. So, if you’re going to go biker, why not break away from black? It’s been done and done and unless you’re Kate Moss it’s a tad yawn-some. Instead shake things up a little with some spring shades and playful textures. Both jackets are a fantastic way to weather the unpredictable British seasons, but which will you choose? Cara Delevingne loves her a bit of both: she’s been spotted in silk bombers, Letterman jackets galore and, of course, her staple textured black biker.




Pencil this in your SS13 diary…

The pencil skirt is something of a daunting garment. Hollywood would have us accessorise it with a Marilyn-worthy wiggle and the world of work has deceived us into believing that under no circumstances may it be worn with flats, but the pencil skirt is actually far more wearable than you might think. Although not so handy when running for the bus (they do inhibit your stride somewhat), a black pencil skirt is simple chic at its best. It has versatility in abundance: whether thrown under a big jumper on a grey and drizzly Manchester morning for comfort that looks as cool as it is cosy or worn with a crop top and a playful flash of midriff (à la Rihanna) for a more subtly sexy alternative to the tried and tested crop top and denim shorts on a night out. This unexpected wearability can only be good news considering the pencil skirt slunk down almost every SS13 runway, and, from what I’ve seen of the AW13/14 catwalks, they’ve carved (or should I say curved) themselves a niche that they’re reluctant to let go of.

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