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University of Manchester buildings re-open after flooding causes disruption

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Breaking News: Oxford Road closed due to burst pipe

//Breaking: Breaking News: Oxford Road closed due to burst pipe More

Photo: @toplondonrestaurants

Feature: Anna’s Best Foodie Instagram Accounts

Describing myself as a foodie would be a dramatic understatement; I live breathe and, most importantly, eat (obviously) food. In fact, I have an entire Instagram account dedicated to it, posting photos of whatever delicious delight I’ve been gorging on and following many others who do the same.

Foodie or not, if you want to see something other than selfies on your homepage I’ve compiled a shortlist of some of my favourite gastronomic guys and gals on instagram. Be warned, these WILL make you hungry…

@theboywhobakes (Edd Kimber)
Avid Great British Bake Off watchers will recognise @theboywhobakes’ Edd Kimber as the show’s first ever winner when it started back in 2010. Since then he has continued to bake and, fortunately for us, posts snaps of all the sweet treats created for his new book ‘Patisserie Made Simple’ (published October 16th). His pictures show sheer pastry perfection. Who would have thought that candied orange peel dipped in chocolate and lined up in little rows could look so darn satisfying? And have you seeen the layers in his millefeuille? My goodness, Paul Hollywood would be proud… Well, evidently he was, in 2010.

Photo Credit:  @boywhobakes



@thrillist (Thrillist)
Thrillist is a digital media company based in New York with branches in food & drink as well as travel. Their Instagram for all things edible is a smorgasbord of gluttonous treats. Most are the super-sized, deep-fried American kind of treats which look utterly fabulous but in a heart-attack kind of way. A picture from last week showed crispy fried chicken smothered in sausage gravy and then stuffed into a waffle ice-cream cone(!!) In fact, #waffle features highly on their feed, along with other typically American delicacies from sickly Mississippi mud pies to out-of-this-world sized pastrami sandwiches.

Photo Credit: @thrillist

Photo: @thrillist


@top_london_restaurants (London’s Top Restaurants)

@top_london_restaurants does exactly what it says on the tin, posting daily photos of delicious-looking dishes from a range of London’s best restaurants. Each perfect photo makes you wish you lived in London and had enough money to sample all of them. A girl can dream.

Photo Credit: @toplondonrestaurants

Photo: @top_london_restaurants


@thefeedfeed (feedfeed, Julie Resnick)
The feedfeed is like a ‘best of’ list in itself, sharing great food photography and recipes from a range of different instagram and food blog users across the web. All sorts of stunning creations are shared everyday with links in the description to the original creators. The latest I’ve been drooling over was a salted caramel chocolate cake topped with a mountain of salted caramel popcorn…woah.

Photo Credit: @thefeedfeed

Photo Credit: @thefeedfeed


@spoonforkbacon (spoonforkbacon)
Only recently have I discovered that ‘food stylist’ is a career. Can you imagine a job so great!? LA-based Jenny Park is lucky enough to do just that and, teamed with photographer Teri Lyn Fisher, the duo created the, extremely well-named, spoonforkbacon; a website full of tasty recipes ranging from everyday dishes to party food. Their instagram account is an incredible display of their talents with each delicious dish captured beautifully.

Photo Credit: @spoonfork

Photo Credit: @spoonfork


So follow, browse and be inspired!!
P.S. If you want to see my (not even comparable) instagram, please find me at: @annalawsoneats

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