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7th March 2015

Whetting your sexual appetite

Food for thought: What are the foods that turn us on in the bedroom? Perisha Kudhail takes a peek into people’s private pantries

There is always a toss-up between two of our basic human pleasures; sex and food. We continue to debate which one is the victor and which one we could live without, but why miss out on a good thing? What’s wrong with two pleasures working in harmony or is double definitely trouble?

Food in the bedroom is a growing trend with the appetizers to our sex lives no longer being a bit of smooching. The idea of chocolate spread all over the sheets tickles the nerves in laundry lover’s brains, whilst others may relish the idea of licking a bit of whipped cream off a lucky someone’s crotch.

So when it comes to food and sex, what is it that turns us on and what will inevitably put us off our dinner? Here are my top five aphrodisiac foods which will certainly turn up the temperature in the bedroom.

At number five: The avocado. A low fat option for those of you who’d rather calorie count or skip on the stickiness. There’s no doubt about the stimulating shape of the avocado.

Fourth on our list of sexy foods: Honey. As the symbol of procreation, there’s a reason why it’s a holy food. Not only is this sweet treat great to get things started, but we’d all love to know that’s not the only thing we can have for dessert.

Three is the magic number, which brings me to chilli peppers as one of the best aphrodisiacs. After all, who doesn’t need a little spice in their life?

At number two we have the sensual strawberry. This cute fruit is ideal for feeding each other and getting the taste buds tingling.

And our victor at number one is everyone’s favourite: Chocolate. This naughty treat is fab if you fancy a little flavour. And don’t worry about the calories, I’m sure you’ll burn them off.

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