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How to combat ‘freshers’ face’

As we welcome the new first years to the University, they are thrown into a lifestyle where drinking a high quantity of alcohol throughout the week is the norm, particularly during Freshers’ Week. Late nights, sugary alcoholic drinks and drunk food all have an impact on your skin—with an increase in spots, dry and dull skin, as well as increased pigmentation (such as a red flush). Alcohol dehydrates your entire body so it’s so important to drink a lot of water the next day after a heavy night. If you can, drink a glass of water before you go to sleep after a night of drinking as well to help fight the effects.

For girls, taking your make-up off before you go to sleep is key to avoid spots, blocked pores, and skin redness. Maintaining a good cleanse, tone, and moisturize system will also aid with clearer skin. Eyes can lose their brightness and the late nights, lack of sleep, and overall alcohol consumption can cause puffy eyes. To help eradicate these symptoms without altering your sleeping pattern, splashing your face with cold water, or putting fresh cucumber or tea bags over your eye area will improve this (the tannin in tea is particularly effective at eradicating puffiness and discoloration).

Investing in good exfoliators, cleansers and moisturizers, consuming more fruit and vegetables and less sugary, fatty foods as well as introducing some light exercise to your routine will mean you can enjoy your nights out with reduced consequences.

Obviously limiting the amount of alcohol you consume, choosing a purer alcohol such as good quality gin or vodka (these typically leave your body quicker), and drinking water in between your alcoholic drinks to promote a diuretic effect will not only help with hangovers but will help with freshers’ face. No one wants to decline a night out, especially in first year, so utilize these tips and party without completely sacrificing your youthful and fresh appearance.

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