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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

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Can Christmas jumpers ever be ‘stylish’?

Christmas sweaters: we drag out the thread bear bobbled knit every time is comes around to the festive season. You know the one – crew neck, itchy, covered with the same old reindeer print, not the most flattering of garments, although admittedly forgiving on the stomach area after one too many mince pies or mulled wines. However, what I wanted to find out was whether there were jumpers on the market that could actually be stylish.

Turns out the answer is yes! Marie Claire released their ‘Where to buy Christmas jumpers that are actually chic AF’ article just last week giving us the low down on the choicest pulls of the season.

Among the high fashion varieties are the Fenti embroidered sweater which challenges the conventional garish colours of a traditional Christmas jumper — this has chic royal blue, black and white designs running across just the top third of the garment with elegant slits down each side, avoiding that ‘balloon’ effect that comes with a ribbed knit bottom edge.

Or, the Gucci embellished cotton sweater with a gorgeous sequined star neckline against a midnight blue and red background — a real showstopper, as well as names like Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen that have been jumping on the joyous jumper bandwagon.

These beautiful pieces are all well and good despite the five hundred to a thousand-pound price range. Which, may just slightly be out of range of the average student like you and I. But not all is lost, some of our high-street favourites have brought out some flattering styles such as the Fairisle — also known as the not really a Christmas jumper, jumper: Next sell a cream and pastel pink version which is a cute cop-out.

Topshop have brought out a slimming fitted black jumper smattered with jewels for that more expensive look that can be worn all year round and a candy-cane inspired mohair turtle neck which again could be worn all year round so you can get your money’s worth with this one.

Christmas doesn’t necessarily mean throwing fashion out the window, so whatever you do keep it chic this Christmas.

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