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Recipe: Tahini Chicken and Tabbouleh


  • One tbs Tahini
  • One tbs cumin seeds/ whole cumin
  • One lemon
  • One tbs olive oil
  • One finely sliced chilli
  • One finely diced onion
  • One pack parsley
  • Half a pack of mint
  • One salad tomato finely chopped
  • One handful of pomegranate seeds
  • Two chicken breasts


  1. Begin by marinating the chicken. Add to a bowl the zest and juice of half the lemon, the chilli and the tahini.
  2. Meanwhile, dry toast the cumin in a pan for two mins to release the flavour and then add this to the bowl with the chicken.
  3. Mix together the chicken and seasoning and leave for an hour or so in the fridge.
  4. Once the chicken has marinated, fry it over a medium heat until cooked through. This should take around ten minutes.
  5. To make the tabbouleh, place the herbs in a food processor and blitz for a few seconds until finely chopped.
  6. Mix the herbs with the onion, tomato and pomegranate, then squueze the remaining lemon on top.
  7. Add a generous amount of olive oil and a pinch of salt and mix together until it is all incorporated.
  8. Add the chicken and serve!

Tags: chicken, food, Lebanese food, Recipe, tabbouleh

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