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6th September 2019

Crazy Pedro’s: the ultimate Freshers’ first date

Want to know more about the place that does fried chicken and waffles on pizza? Elena Bradley has the perfect place for you to take your date
Crazy Pedro’s: the ultimate Freshers’ first date
Crazy Pedro’s Bar. Photo: We Are Indigo

It’s freshers and you know what that means … Romance is in the air! Romance in this case meaning you pulled on the Factory dancefloor and now need somewhere to facilitate that awkward freshers first date. Either way, whether you’ve found a potential baby daddy/mummy or just someone to cuddle when your dog seems far, far away; the Mancunion has you covered for a perfect date location. 

Crazy Pedro’s: a casual haven of fusion pizza, tequila, beer pong and late-night dancing. Do not come here if you want formality. Do come here if your ideal first date is bonding over 16 inches of carbs, frozen margaritas and a lively atmosphere!

Crazy Pedro’s offers the kind of backdrop perfect for a first date, always busy and always full of semi-drunk, jolly people which gives you enough of a buffer if your date conversation isn’t as exciting as you’d hoped. Equally, if it’s going swimmingly then you can talk until close which here is 4am!

It’s a convenient five-minute walk from Piccadilly Gardens and even more conveniently, holds a Sunday-Friday Happy Hour that offers £5 pizza slices, £10 16-inch pizzas and 2-4-1 cocktails between 4pm-9pm. So being proximally convenient and frugal: it’s a no brainer. 

The Dirty Northerner Pizza. Photo: We Are Indigo

Pizza-wise, Italian purists look away. The toppings range from inspired to insane from fried chicken and waffle, Nacho Libre (nachos, guac and salsa) and the Dirty Northerner to name 3.  Of 18 oddball flavours there are 3 vegetarian and 2 vegan pizzas too, with the diplomatic option of being able to do half and half if you and your date can’t decide on one flavour.

There are 8 different frozen margaritas to choose from (I know…) including pink guava with watermelon, raspberry and balsamic and pink grapefruit and lychee. From my calculations 8 frozen margaritas to try gives you plenty of time to either tell your date you love them or get hallucinogenic-drunk while they discuss their commitment issues. Regardless, both sound fun.

This place is a Manchester must-visit and with its macho-libre-decor doors open every day from 4pm till 4am, I guarantee it will become one of your favourite spots at the end of any night out. 

Crazy Pedro’s NQ (Short Street behind Afflecks) & Crazy Pedro’s Bridge Street (55 Bridge Street). @crazypedros on Instagram.  

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