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The main library from the view of a nearby pathway

the last time we went to the library – Bea Bacon

It was right

that we were oblivious

to the 2D prophesy of blue and white

hands, sinks, and water drops laminated

to doors that I opened 


for opening’s sake —

how strange to study 

a sign on Blue 2 as we veered 

towards the start of 7,000 words, 

towards the ground floor 


for coffee, to read 

each other more intently 

than a clumsy illustration, 

or any book for that matter. 


It was right 

that those signs meant nothing, 

that we were not attending 

a funeral for what occurred on orange 3, 

or in a group study room we claimed 


with no booking. Was this work? 

Or were these the warmest minutes 

to date? I ask this now 

because now 


it is right 

that what I recount is safe 

from what is now; 

shoulders nestling, 

collectively hunched, 

shelves of faces 

unknowingly bidding farewell. 

Bea Bacon is an English Literature and American Studies graduate from the university, originally from Bristol. She’s recently been accepted onto the prestigious MFA Poetry Programme at New York University. One of our most talented recent alumni, you can find more of her work over at, or @biliograbea on instagram.

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