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15th September 2022

Hawkins comes to Deansgate – Stranger Things Bottomless Brunch at Rendition

Rendition introduced their ultimate themed bottomless brunch this weekend with a glimpse into the world of Hawkins.
Hawkins comes to Deansgate – Stranger Things Bottomless Brunch at Rendition
Photo: Rebecca Rommen @ The Mancunion

A lesser-known gate into the Upside Down could be found in Manchester this weekend. Rendition Cocktail Bar & Kitchen hosted a Stranger Things-inspired bottomless brunch, bringing Hawkins to Deansgate.

Diners channelled their inner Hellfire club personas to an 80s soundtrack as staff members donned Chrissy’s cheer uniform, Hopper’s sheriff hat, and Eddie’s bandana. Rendition was kitted out in Stranger Things paraphernalia, including the alphabet wall and Christmas lights from Season 1.

The Mancunian equivalent of Eleven (sporting a blonde wig and pink smock) hosted a round of games for diners to partake in, with the winners receiving free drinks.

Other entertainment included Eddie’s rendition (if you’ll pardon the pun) of ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica. This version was even more impressive as he played it on an inflatable electric guitar, the improv performance of a lifetime.

Photo: Rebecca Rommen @ The Mancunion

The themed event marked the launch of a new brunch menu, featuring bacon sandwiches, guac on toast, and eggs cooked several ways – Benedict, Florentine, on steak, or with fried chicken. Add a side of mini hash browns for £2 to complete the perfect indulgent meal. We’d recommend the steak & eggs if you aren’t averse to meat, the eggs florentine if you’re vegetarian, and the guac on toast for vegans.

Rendition bottomless brunch costs £30 per person, with the themes varying week to week; upcoming events include the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spice World, and Emo Kid, with another Stranger Things affair slotted in for the end of September.

Photo: Rebecca Rommen @ The Mancunion

Photos: Rebecca Rommen @ The Mancunion

The 1.5h bottomless drinks selection included breakfast martinis, peach Bellinis, Peroni, Prosecco, and house spirits with mixers. A limited-edition Upside Down cocktail was concocted for the occasion – a beefeater, elderflower, and cranberry blend served as a smoking libation.

The event was marked by good food, decadent drinks, and the likes of Kate Bush, Talking Heads, and A-ha coming through the speakers.

Have you ever wondered what a flamboyant Demogorgon would look like? It looks like a regular Demogorgon, only strutting to Etta James’s ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’ in a feather boa in the basement of Rendition. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

You can experience it for yourself with other themed bottomless brunch’s coming up including Spiceworld (Saturday 10th September), Emo Kid (Saturday 17th September), and the last Stranger Things brunch (Saturday 24th September).

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