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Life of Pi is the most eye-opening theatrical experience suitable for all ages, with a masterful use of lighting a puppetry
Ahead of its first ever UK tour, Life of Pi held a showcase at The Lowry, where it plays over the holiday season – with special guests Lolita Chakrabarti OBE and Finn Caldwell
Pierce The Veil return with ‘The Jaws of Life’, their first album in almost seven years and a new direction from what fans are used to
Theatre Editor Jay Darcy reviews Life of Pi at Wyndham’s Theatre, starring Mina Anwar, Raj Ghatak and Habib Nasib Nader
You know their names. Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Posh. But do your know their fashion? The SpiceUp exhibition featuring their most iconic outfits proves their influence has probably seeped into your style either way
Patrick Young tests out delicious pies he found in the most mysterious corner of Facebook, all thanks to ultimate pie enthusiast and Stockport deli owner, Karen
CoppaFeel! are on a mission to get students coppin’ a feel and getting to know their boobs
It has been eight years since Life of Pi was published to international critical acclaim, and won the 2002 Man Booker Prize.
Charlie McCullagh’s and Evelyn Hoskins’ elevated chemistry blew us away
Celebrating northern music in all of its charm, Nordoff and Robbins host the 2024 Northern Music Awards in Manchester’s city centre
A lot of conversations with my friends recently have been about a guy, and this hasn’t proved to be a bad thing
Contact hosts Here to There Productions’ for a version of Hedda Gabler that is almost as painful as a genuine gunshot wound
Limiting access to IVF treatment under the guise of being ‘pro-life’, Alabama further subjugates women and limits the ability for same-sex partners to bear children
In yet another musical biopic, One Love presents two years in the life of Bob Marley. As it attempts to tell the story of one of music’s most important figures, we take a look at how far One Love was successful
Decadently costumed, illustrious ballet performers portraying our favourite fairy tale characters: “They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.”
What makes women who they are? Why we’re travelling back in time to find ourselves while teens look to the future
A movement to protest the first meeting of the Manchester Pro-Life Society began at 6pm, starting at the Students’ Union and moving to the Zochonis Building as the Manchester Pro-Life society were having their meeting
Everything Everything’s seventh album sees them at their dance pop peak, without sacrificing any of the dark introspection that’s made the band a cult classic
Pop sensation PinkPantheress took to the stage of Manchester’s famed O2 Ritz and did not disappoint
As the term drags on and student loans dwindle, many students start to feel unmotivated and unsatisfied with their lot in life. Could computer algorithms help you get back on track?