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Photo: Alisha M. Frederick

Review: Vice

Adrian Kanyoli reviews Adam McKay’s latest satirical biopic Vice

Viggo Mortensen. Photo: Josh Jensen @Flickr.

Review: Green Book

The film provides impressive character development, writing, and score, writes Adrian Kanyoli

Photo: celebrityabc @flickr

Review: Night School

Night School is a dissapointing watch with Kevin Hart’s distinct brand of humour.

Photo: Dick Thomas Johnson @flickr

Review: Maniac

While it’s possible to review Maniac without revealing too much, commenting on any plot details frankly feels like it would detract from the viewing experience. So, I’ll be avoiding all spoilers and if you want to truly enjoy this series, watch it like I did, with no background information. From the acclaimed director of Beasts of No […]

Richard Madden

Review: Bodyguard

The unmissable hit drama is among the BBC’s recent wave of sublime television-making and features top-rate acting that will keep us gripped to our screens

Sandra Bullock. Photo: Gage Skidmore @Flickr.

Review: Bird Box

Despite some strong performances, the film is let down by poor writing and an unoriginal idea

Photo: Rayukk @Wikimedia Commons

Review: Creed II

Adrian Kanyoli reviews the second installment of the boxing-based white knuckle ride franchise that is Creed II

Review: First Man

Adrian Kanyoli lends his praise to Damien Chazelle’s latest feature-length but asks if it deviates too much from the norm for mainstream appeal.