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danielle middleton

danielle middleton

Former arts editor (2011-2012).

Interview with a vampire (stylist)

Vampirette is the brand-spanking new musical comedy premiering at Manchester Opera House on Friday 4th May-19th May.  Written by Jonathan Choat, Vampirette introduces the world to Vampi, a teenage vampire girl determined to be normal. The musical’s designer Amy Jackson, a graduate from Wimbledon School of Art, has designed for numerous productions over the years […]

Monkee Business

Everyone knows who the Monkees are, even 40 years after they were at their prime young and old alike (and celebrity sighting of the evening, Dev from Corrie,) gathered to immerse ourselves in the splendour of the flare-wearing original boy-band. It took a little while to get into the tone of the musical, wondering at […]

Jazz in Manchester

Although most of you may be taking the Easter hols as a time to feast on the luxuries of home living, some (third years) may be living in the library only coming out for air in the evenings. Over this sparse and generally dull period of revision, let jazz into your world because Manchester seems […]

Chris Ramsey on being funny

Before he wows the crowds at Owens Park on 21st March, comedian Chris Ramsey was jolly lovely enough to answer a few questions for The Mancunion. Cheers Chris. Dani Middleton: Nice obvious question first: what’s your favourite thing about being a comedian? Chris Ramsey: Has to be the performing. I love getting to make people […]

Live at Owens Park

On Wednesday 21st March be ready to wet your comedy whistles with the witty delights of Chris Ramsey and Tom Deacon. Recognise the names? Chris is a young Geordie comic who is currently on a spring tour, making huge waves in the comedy scene.  He has appeared on 8 out of 10 cats, Celebrity Juice, […]

Circus of Horrors

On Monday 12th March, Manchester Opera House opens its doors to the horrors of Dr Haze’s circus, bringing with him a cast of blood-curdling, thrill inspiring dare devils. Spectacular contortionists throwing arrows from their feet, demon dwarfs, flying aerialists, gyrating jugglers, voodoo warriors, pickled people and a modern take on the traditional act of sword-swallowing, swapping the sharp pointy weapon for a lit […]

Cofilmic’s Final Cut

Following Cofilmic’s launch at the end of October, the evening was another successful one for Cofilmic founder Janet Harrision. The Manchester based comedy film festival is spreading its wings and taking the short film entries around the country. On Tuesday 21st February, Cofilmic came to The Cornerhouse as part of the Exposures festival and showcased […]

Elektro Kif

Elektro Kif are a French Elektro dance troop consisting of some shockingly youthful dancers for their abilities. Their performance was choreographed elegantly considering the music they were jiving to, but most impressive was their synchronisation. They moved as if one single entity, to put it bluntly. With one of the group separating off to make […]

Contour States

British artist Samantha Donnelly presents her exhibition of representations of the human form in media. The strong shapes and colours manipulated out of everyday objects: buttons, lace, acrylic nails and false eyelashes add another dimension to the sculptures portraying the objectification of women in the mass produced sexualised and generic forms of mannequins. So the […]

Lost is Found

The exhibition does as it says on the tin, transforming the ephemeral and the previously discarded objects found in everyday life into profound feature sculptures illuminating through the objects themselves and what each artist has created. The exhibit presents the work of nine artists, based in the North of England, and is comprised of sculptures, […]

Oliver! The Palace Theatre

Oliver! is a breath-taking feat in choreography and set design making the already spectacular score by Lionel Bart all the more powerful. The chillingly creepy element that is vivid in Charles Dickens’ depiction of Victorian life but can struggle to come across in productions of the classic tale, is portrayed successfully through the simple use […]

It’s a Vegan Revolution

Two of University of Manchester‘s ex-students and ex-Fuse FM presenters, Dom Moss and Christopher Redman, have popped their love of punk and hardcore, and their vegan lifestyles into one nice bundle to share with the population of our fine city of Manchester in the form of their vegan record shop, V-Revolution on Oldham Street. Having […]

Tis’ the season to be Jolly!

Christmas, the time of year when all that is magical immerses itself into our everyday lives, making even the grey streets of Manchester sparkle with festive spirit. The streets are awash with linked chalets cooking up the best in Christmas-European munch combo to fill your stomach/boots with, fuelling your yuletide countdown with sweets, cheeses and […]

Twas the month of Christmas in the city of Mancunia…

Twas the month of Christmas in the city of Mancunia, and all across the land students were preparing for Christmas socials, swaggering merrily around campuses in festive delight, for home and free heating were nearly in sight. Yet first a spectacle beckoned the students to the centre of fair Mancunia, where a small man by […]

Spektrast Magazine

Spektrast is a fairly new enterprise with the goal to be a space where creative talent can be show-cased, and invalidate the general opinion that students are lazy so-and-so’s, which none of us have ever been or ever will be. Fact. Set up by Steph Whalley, a second year Film and Sociology student at University […]

Jon Richardson at The Lowry, 28th October 2011

Dani Middleton is taken by the Jon Richardson factor

Manchester premiers comedy film festival

On 31st October and 1st November 2011, Manchester’s very own Comedy Store hosted the very first Short Film Comedy Festival, Cofilmic. The Mancunion was kindly invited to the events on the Tuesday evening to view a series of short comedy films followed by the award ceremony. Cofilmic was set up by Janet Harrison after her […]

Home Grown comediennes, Lady Garden

  Described by the Daily Telegraph as ‘Britain’s funniest women’, Lady Garden are five girls who have been working their bums off climbing the ladder to comedy genius status.   Since graduating from our very own University of Manchester back in 2008, they began their journey Edinburgh Fringe and have this year set up their […]

Manchester’s very own comedy film festival

On 31st October and 1st November Manchester will be playing host to the premier of Cofilmic, the Short Comedy Film Festival. From the mind of Manchester business woman, Janet Harrison, Cofilmic gives aspiring producers, actors, writers, comedians and directors the chance to have their work ogled by the masses and judged by a panel of comedy’s finest. The […]

Jimeoin aka Eyebrow Man

Jimeoin aka Eyebrow Man, lovely Irish chap who moved to the sunnier climes of Australia years ago, is coming to the Manchester Comedy Festival 2011 on 18th October and performing at The Comedy Store. At 1pm on 17th October I had a quick chat with him before he scarpered off for more interviews, about stand-up, […]