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Dylan Wiggan

Dylan Wiggan

The big summer movie preview

Dylan Wiggan highlights pretty much every big film you’ll watch this summer

Old school animation in the digital age

Dylan Wiggan looks at the changing landscape of animated movies

Competition! Win a ‘The Croods’ goody bag!

So many goodies!

‘Can we just be men for a sec?’: Made In Chelsea quote competition

We have three DVDs to give away!

Review: ‘Del Lado Del Verano’ at the iViva! Film Festival 2013

Dylan Wiggan reviews Antonia San Juan’s latest film, screened at the iViva! Film Festival

‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ cast and director Q + A

The director and cast of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ prequel are quizzed about their fantasy blockbuster

Review: Oz the Great and Powerful

Dylan looks at whether this return to Oz is with the trip

We need a hero!

Dylan Wiggan looks at the state of action stars

I’m sorry but…Skyfall is overrated

Dylan Wiggan reexamines James Bonds most successful outing

The race for Oscar glory

Dylan Wiggan chronicles this year’s battle for Oscars’ top prize: Best Picture

Awards season brings fresh controversies

Dylan Wiggan looks into a recurring theme of this years awards season

BAFTA 2013: Top 5 BAFTA Snubs

Dylan Wiggan lists the surprise snubs in this year’s BAFTA nominations

Wenger’s moving measure of success

After seven trophy-less years, should Arsenal be satisfied with Champions League football?

The Playstation Network comes of age

Dylan Wiggan looks at the improvements Sony have made with the Playstation Network

Crowd funding site ‘Kickstarting’ the movie bizz

Introducing the new way of getting movies funded

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – Preview

Dylan Wiggan looks at Sony’s attempt to emulate the success of Super Smash Bros.