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Oscar Talbot

Oscar Talbot

Live: Elvana — Elvis-fronted Nirvana

The world’s only Elvis-fronted tribute to Nirvana is a glorious mongrel that works better than it should, writes Oscar Talbot

Live: Scott Fagan

Rediscovered folk artist Scott Fagan plays at the Deaf Institute, making Oscar Talbot wonder how he was ever forgotten in the first place

Live: Banco de Gaia and Dr Trippy

Oscar Talbot covers a night of music so overtly druggy that Theresa May wants to ban it under the Psychoactive Substances Act

Live: Ninja Tune – Warehouse Project

Oscar Talbot goes undercover to a sinister world of loud bass and murky corners at Ninja Tune’s Warehouse Project

Fabric: An Obituary

Fabric has been forced into closure, but are the cited reasons as clear as they seem?

New Street Records

It may not seem possible, but the Manchester music scene just got even more exciting for the students of the city

Live: Chvrches at the Albert Hall

Chvrches graced Manchester’s favourite church. However, their considerable flock of pop disciples seemed to be diminished by an over-18 age limit

Live: Warehouse Project – Life And Death

While the ‘biggest’ act of the night failed to wow, Recondite excelled at Warehouse Project

Interview: Tom Robinson

Legendary songwriter, activist and radio DJ Tom Robinson talks about gay rights, the Iraq war, and the ideal person to portray him on Life on Mars