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Parizad Mangi

Parizad Mangi

Review: Crimson Peak

With Crimson Peak, Del Toro’s take on the Gothic horror genre largely delivers, even though it lacks the most memorable qualities of the director’s auteur

TV Binge: How to Get Away with Murder

Viola Davis delivers a powerhouse performance and much more in this Emmy-winning legal drama

Preview: Maleficent

Parizad Mangi looks ahead to the release of Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ spin-off

Schindler’s List is no masterpiece

Parizad argues that far from being the great piece of cinema it is often hailed, Schindler’s List is in fact a poor attempt by Hollywood to portray the tragedy of the Holocaust

Preview: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

With only a month to go until its release, Parizad previews the latest instalment in the Hunger Games franchise

Top 5: Travel Films

Parizad Mangi gives us her top 5 films that’ll make you long for next summer!

Review: ‘De Jueves A Domingo’ at the iViva! Film Festival 2013

Parizad Mangi reviews Chilean director Dominga Sotomayor Castillo’s directorial debut

Top 5: Recurring film couples

This week we countdown acting duos that deliver movie magic time and time again

Top 5: Anti-rom-coms

Parizad gives us her top 5 films that break the rom-com formula