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Sophie Walsh

Sophie Walsh

Style file

Style file

How would you describe your own personal style? Sports teacher X Courtney Love (with a sprinkling of The Simple Life Paris Hilton). Who is your biggest style and fashion icon and why? Freja Wewer. She’s a Danish blogger, sashaying her way across Copenhagen in collaboration sports-wear and a cloud of Marlboro Red smoke. Her entire […]
I.Am.Gia: a hidden story of drug addiction and celebrity

I.Am.Gia: a hidden story of drug addiction and celebrity

Does it matter that this stunning new label’s brand is caught up in a less-than-glamourous past?

Art x Fashion

From Da Vinci to Van Gogh, in the modern age, ghosts of art’s past have been resurrected in fashion to the expense of creativity’s contemporary characters

The best shops in the Northern Quarter

Want to Fallow-up but not not dive too far into that overdraft? Here is a collection of the places to go in the Northern Quarter

Fashion player of the week: Petra Collins

Don’t let her unfinished years at high school fool you into thinking Petra Collins doesn’t work

Dolce & Gabbana: from controversy to cannoli

Deputy Fashion and Beauty Editor Sophie Walsh investigates the controversial Dolce & Gabbana campaigns: sex, violence and spaghetti

Recycling Rapture

Blondie wows on catwalk in London, in aid of environment

Fashion player of the week: Gosha Rubchinkskiy

The Russian designer takes inspiration from a variety of post-soviet aesthetics

What do I wear to Pangaea?

Deciding on an outfit after securing your golden ticket

Can florals ever be cool?

While it is commonly accepted that florals will rear their head every spring, what are you supposed to do with them if you’re a grunge loving Fallowfield chick?

Still not in space suits: the comeback of millennial fashion

It began subtly with the odd reebok here and choker there. Then, one day we awoke to find ourselves in season 1 of The O.C. turn of the century (1995-2005) fashion is back