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5th December 2011

Interview: Lisa Hannigan @ St. Phillips Church

As lovely as gigs in churches can be, Lisa Hannigan’s set needs less restriction and more sweatiness.
5th December 2011

Classic Album: Otis Redding – Otis Blue

Dan Jones takes a look at the album that shot soul icon Otis Redding to the top of the charts in 1965.
4th December 2011

Live: Madina Lake @ Academy 2

Bassist Matthew Leone’s fight for his life last year has only made Madina Lake more appreciative of what they’ve got.
30th November 2011

Preview: Fenech-Soler

In preparation for their Apollo gig, Phoebe Clarke has a chat with Fenech-Soler’s Ben Duffy.
28th November 2011

Album: A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory (1991)

Sam Flynn remembers classic hip hop album, The Low End Theory, and why it was once termed “the Sgt. Pepper of hip hop”.
28th November 2011

Interview: Alabama 3

The bizarre fusion between country and acid house makes Alabama 3 an intriguing act.
26th November 2011

Album: The Wombles – The W Factor

Pointy-nose, furry creatures return with their very own recycled rubbish.
26th November 2011

Live: King Charles @ Roadhouse

The regally named King Charles conquers the hearts of girls across the nation.
26th November 2011

Live: Red Hot Chili Peppers @ MEN Arena

If RHCP can no longer put on a show like this one, that’ll be when to call it a day. Until then though, it’d be criminal for them to stop.
26th November 2011

Live- Anna Calvi @ Manchester Cathedral

An accomplished and interesting live show, Anna Calvi is an act that could restore your faith in British music.

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24th November 2011

Live – Candlefest (w/Orange Goblin Interview)

Candlelight Records showcase their roster in Manchester, but does it work. Also, Tom Geddes talks to Orange Goblin.
24th November 2011

Live – Turbowolf

Frantic keyboard heavy rockers Turbowolf smashed it up with Hawk Eyes, but not before chatting to Tom Geddes
22nd November 2011

Album: Turbowolf – Turbowolf

Big release for stunning live band Turbowolf, but can their debut album live upto expectations?
22nd November 2011

Column: Baby, Baby, Baby… Ohh Wait, Maybe Not.

Music Editor Tom Geddes takes a look at whether anybody comes away from Justin Bieber’s baby scandal without looking terrible.
16th November 2011

Album: Joker – The Vision

Surprises lay in wait even for those who thought they knew the established producer very well.
16th November 2011

Album: Alabama 3 – Shoplifting 4 Jesus

An album packed full of country, funk, blues, gospel, acid house, dubstep and afrobeat. Something for everyone then.
16th November 2011

Album: Atlas Sound – Parallax

A wonderfully beguiling and sensitive record from Deerhunter frontman, Bradford Cox.
16th November 2011

Album: Future of the Left – Polymers Are Forever

This overlooked British outfit still know how to produce some of the most gutsy and infectious rock music around.
16th November 2011

Live: Maccabees @ Sound Control

A step-down from their last Mancunian venture at Academy 1, The Maccabees prove that it’s not where you play but how you play that matters.
16th November 2011

Live: The Darkness @ Academy 1

Think Frankie Cocozza’s the most badass, rock n roll knobhead you’ve ever seen strutting his stuff? You’ve clearly never seen The Darkness then.

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