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Call me old fashioned, pretentious, whatever else, but something really gets my goat about the proliferation of Facebook ‘photographers’. I don’t understand the need for so many pictures while clubbing or drinking. Every night out validated by posing, posting and commenting on the same cookie cutter images with different faces? This isn’t purely a clubber’s […]

Twelve years after a tragic accident that lead to prison time and estrangement from his family, Dwight Arno receives a visit from his son Sam. Deeply unhappy and misanthropic (due in no small part to his father’s crime and disappearance) Sam has grievously injured a man in a bar fight and his future hangs in […]

Hearty congratulations must go to the University this week after they resolved to pay all of their staff in line with their own pay scales. This means that service staff will be paid at least £7.80 an hour. Given the difficult economic climate and financial difficulties hitting the higher education sector it is particularly commendable […]

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