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Anja Samy talks to Women’s Officer, Ayla Huseyinoglu about the Students’ Union’s annual campaign against sexual assault and male inclusion in conversations about sexual violence
We preview the final edition of student Senate this year, which has been delayed a week to prevent staff burnout
Rebecca Rommen examines the impact of this year’s Reclaim the Night march, with around 3,500 people taking part, and how it successfully shines a light on the topic of night-time safety.
SU Women’s Officer Sara Heddi led the march from Owens Park to the SU
In an exclusive statement to The Mancunion, Sara Khan stated the police are responsible for “systematic abuses women of colour and trans women on the daily”
The march kicks off at 6:30pm from Owens Park
The annual march comes back to Manchester for its biggest year yet
Liv Clarke retells her own experience, and interviews a fellow marcher and previous organiser for annual march for women’s rights
Students took to the streets to protest violence against women
Hundreds of women will take to the streets to fight for feminism and against violence against women
Francis Edge argues that one of the main claims of Reclaim the Night movement, that we live in a rape culture, does not stack up
We spoke with some of the 2,500 students and Manchester residents who took to the streets to protest sexual violence, harassment and victim blaming, to ask why they believed it was so important
“Reclaim the Night is so much more than just one night and one street. It’s about a movement of people who can build unity to stand together, to break the silence and to say enough is enough”
Reclaim the Night 2016 will protest against sexual violence in Manchester and is calling for everyone to come along and get involved
Reclaim the Night 2015 proved a huge success, with a record number of over 2000 protesters attending
Manchester’s annual march against sexual violence will light up the streets of Manchester on Thursday the 26th of February
Demonstrators marched from Fallowfield to the University’s Oxford Road campus, chanting and waving banners
Short documentary from Fuse TV about the Reclaim the Night demonstration last month
But the figures show “not even half of the picture”, says Tabz O’Brien-Butcher