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The UK only has one black, female, history professor

The UK only has one black, female, history professor

A study by the Royal Historical Society recently found that less than 100 history professors working in the UK are from a black background.

Manchester University questioned over Brexit teaching

Students’ Union Education Officer suggested that “government interfering with academic autonomy is dangerous” as letter is sent to MPs about Brexit teaching

University pensions deficit skyrockets to £17.5bn

Tuition fee increases are being tabled as one possible solution

Pop culture damages university reputation

Many films, TV shows and comics unfairly portray academics as detached and incompetent, and students as lazy and drunk

Free education protestors occupy University of Warwick building

Student protesters occupied The Slate, the University of Warwick’s new conference building, to protest against the “devastating consequences” of the government’s new Teaching Excellence Framework

Legal deals ‘cover up’ scale of sexual harassment problem at universities

Confidentiality clauses have according to campaigners stifled the scale of the sexual harassment issue at UK universities, leaving many afraid to speak out

Muslim women academically outperform male counterparts

Academics find that Muslim women now outnumber Muslim men in the number of people aged 21-24 with higher education degrees, in stark contrast to past statistics

US academic salaries do not cover basic living costs

A new wave of harsh cuts to HE institutions’ funding has left academics in financial uncertainty and fear. Many are struggling to pay for their homes and even food

The 3rd Degree Recording

Entering its fifth season, the successful BBC Radio 4 show hosted by Steve Punt challenged students and dons of the University of Manchester alike

University of Manchester eighth best in UK

After placing eighth-best in the UK and 53rd in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Manchester is now the UK’s eighth most reputable university and 50th most respected university in the world.

University and Colleges Union threatens further boycott

Academics may refuse to set or grade exams and coursework in response to a drastic pension shakeup proposal.

Academics condemn regional pay proposals

60 academics signed a letter calling on the government to drop the plans

Stressed academics face ‘increasingly intolerable pressure’

University staff are considerably more stressed than the average British working person