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Review: Imran Peretta’s ‘the destructors’

Review: Imran Peretta’s ‘the destructors’

Sam Burt reviews a new film ‘reconsidering the figure of the alienated male youth’
Turner Prize praises collectives using art for social change

Turner Prize praises collectives using art for social change

Sam Burt finds out why individual artists are off this year’s Turner Prize menu
Art galleries aren’t a priority in a pandemic – but they are essential

Art galleries aren’t a priority in a pandemic – but they are essential

The real threat to galleries may not be Covid-19 but the government’s utilitarian attitude to the arts, says Probert Dean
Let’s Get Away: Berlin

Let’s Get Away: Berlin

A breathtaking glance at culture and careful curation as this week we get away to Berlin

Venture Arts: ‘Articulate’

Annabel Herrick previews ‘Articulate’ from the Venture Arts project, at the Lowry

Interview: Shereen Perera, Islington Mill

We caught up with Shereen Perera, Visual Arts Co-ordinator at Islington Mill, to talk about her work, the Mill and how she got there

Peter Cooke: what is important is ‘an integral curiosity’

Annabel Herrick sat down with UoM lecturer Peter Cooke to discuss his career and the works which inspire him

‘An Exhibition’ at the Holden Gallery

Peter Lane finds ‘An Exhibition’ intelligently and provocatively questions the very nature of ‘art’

Four at Cornerhouse

Three young curators, four emerging artists, and a little help from Cornerhouse

Review: Fraser Chapman at the Cornerhouse

Clayton Fuller visits The Cornerhouse to have a look at the latest cafe-bar exhibition by Fraser Chapman

A Night at the Museum

Grace Williams visits the newly redeveloped Ancient Worlds galleries at the Manchester Museum

Review: ‘I’ – The Sleep Collection

Toby Parker and Lucy Johnson are ‘blissfully roused’ from their slumbers by Rubin-Mayhew’s sleeping beauties

Review: Jane and Louise Wilson

Clayton Fuller vists the Whitworth to check out the latest exhibition from Turner-prize nominated duo Jane and Louise Wilson

Hockney to Hogarth: A rake’s progress

The Whitworth exhibits Hogarth’s 1735 series A Rake’s Progress against David Hockney’s 1965 interpretation of the work

Seeing through the Oxford Road bubble

Islington Mill: something worth veering off the beaten track for?

COTTON: Global Threads

COTTON: Global Threads, the Whitworth Art Gallery’s contribution to London 2012 Cultural Olympiad programme Stories of the World, aptly fulfils its brief.  Ranging from Egyptian textiles to contemporary installations, the exhibition tells a universal tale of the production of cotton, and the effects of its consumption, trade and disposal.  In contrast to Manchester’s February misty […]

Lost is Found

The exhibition does as it says on the tin, transforming the ephemeral and the previously discarded objects found in everyday life into profound feature sculptures illuminating through the objects themselves and what each artist has created. The exhibit presents the work of nine artists, based in the North of England, and is comprised of sculptures, […]

Under That Cloud

For an exhibition born out of long waits in departure lounges, Under That Cloud is refreshingly packed with diverse ideas and a spectrum of emotional reactions. The jewellery featured in the collection is the work of 18 international artists who were stranded together in Mexico City, under the dark cloud of volcanic ash that closed […]

Instant Art

We spent another evening in the company of our old friend, art. Cornerhouse decided that what it really needed to brighten this cold November was a Night of Art. We couldn’t agree more. Which surely can mean only one thing: a Sketch-O-Matic. I jumped to the conclusion that this would be a giant Etch-A-Sketch. I […]

Enkhbold Togmidshiirev’s ‘gentle’ message

Enkhbold Togmidshiirev, Mongolian performance artist, spoke to us about his conception of place. But where is his place in the art world?